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About LicenceWise Training Specialists


LicenceWise Training Specialists was established by Marius Heystek, who is a registered ETDP Practitioner with TETA, CETA and the MQA, and who is passionate about training, development, skills transfer and health and safety in the workplace.


“Empowering our future leaders by equipping them with broad-based relevant portable knowledge and skills with our knowledgeable, experienced and passionate team”


“Thuto ke Matla”

“Empowering leaders today with the knowledge & skills of tomorrow”


Due to the high production demands and pressure in the work place or on site, it is essential to prioritise safety. LicenceWise Training Specialists' goal is to reduce the Total Recordable Injuries (TRI), ensuring there is no lost time in production due to investigations, and to ensure that you have no major environmental incidents.


  • Integrity - Constantly demonstrating and applying Integrity towards our Clients, Stakeholders and Employees.
  • Quality - Always improving on our training standards.
  • Consistency - Uniformed approach to training and development.
  • Transparency - We welcome our governing- bodies to ensure compliance, conformance and Code of Conduct in all we do.
  • Positivity - Our driven, passionate team will motivate training interventions towards the upliftment of communities and relevant stakeholders.
  • Manageability - We plan, lead, organise and take control of transferring knowledge and skill.
  • Reliability - Broad based training assuring competence of our learners beyond any reasonable doubt.



  • Addressing the need - Quality and Accredited Training and Development on Transport, Earthmoving machines as well as Trackless Mobile Machines. In addition, we also supply training on Fire Fighting, First Aid and transportation of Dangerous goods.
  • Added Value - Ensuring the maximum amount of ‘Hands on knowledge’ and skills are transferred to our Clients and their respective employees
  • Additional Services Both Generic Specifications as well as Manufacturers Specifications incorporated into learning material. Training requirements are custom build, and skills are being transferred to the Client’s employees.
  • Other Services Include:
    • Management of Database
    • On site licences
    • Certificate of Competence
    • Uploading of credits to the NRLD
    • 100% Internal Moderation (Quality Assurance)
    • Criminal background verification (linked with SAPS)
  • We venture to reduce the growing numbers of accidents and incidents involving Transport Vehicles, Earthmoving Equipment, Lifting Equipment and Mining Equipment of which the main cause is lack of knowledge and experience.
  • Our training encourages positive safety attitudes and provides skills development and hands on knowledge, by experienced registered assessors in the specific fields required, to ensure a safer, more productive working environment.


LicenceWise focuses on (but is not limited to) the following industries:

  • Mining,
  • Transport,
  • Construction &
  • Lifting

LicenceWise Training Specialists strives to meet our Clients' needs by providing the highest of standards in formative and summative outcomes based training. We manufacture specifications and generic specifications in all our Clients training needs, if required.


  • LicenceWise Training Specialists ensures that all our training is Unit Standard aligned according to the different SETA's.
  • All our trainers are registered assessors; they are highly qualified to transfer their theoretical and practical knowledge to a learner.
  • LicenceWise Training Specialists' services are of the highest quality- we regard ourselves as the benchmark within South Africa.
  • Our Training is Outcome- based and Unit- Standard aligned as per the relevant SETA’s requirements, as well as OEM- specific.


  1. CETA  - LWTS Accreditation
  2. MQA - SK Accreditation and Report
  3. Operate Mobile Machinery for Surface Excavation Operations 20130821
  4. TETA - LWTS Accreditation
  5. Trackless Mobile Machine Operations - Underground Hardrock

Accredited by and Affilitated to